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PaaS by Incline

Welcome! We are excited to announce that has been acquired by Incline Media. This move will allow our new and old clients access to proven Platform as a Service technology, tools and talent; all designed to grow revenue while reducing expenses - making Incline the perfect profit maximization partner! We have very lofty goals for both  our business clients and the world, and are happy to offer the benefits to you.

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Platform as a Service

The face of the web has changed, and we now see more and more platforms (think TripAdvisor, Angie's List, etc.) gaining ground in many top verticals - which is what drives our commitment to being the leading "Platform of Platforms" (aka PaaS). Our research indicates that over 80% of all web traffic will be dominated by platforms by 2025. 

What can you do to protect and grow your business?

Join the competition and pay to play!

You can pay the setup and monthly fees, as well as the per lead or other KPI fees, to leverage someone else's platform to keep your traffic and lead volume going. There is one for your business, I am sure you know who they are!

Create your own Platform

If you have the time, ability, expertise and money to create your own platform and grow it to scale, it is possible to catch up with the competition and even move ahead of them;  which would, of course, be your best long term option. Own your own destiny and start now!

Buy into the Platform of Platforms

Leverage the Incline Platform the Platforms (PoP) (PaaS) and join other business owners and brands working together to create the world largest platform, providing long-term success for all involved. Working together provides velocity and girth with which  stand-alone platforms will not be able to complete.

What is A   

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

The Platform of Platforms (PoP) effect relies on the "Rising Tide Lifts All Boats" concept which many executives, business owners and boards have not yet been able to buy into or believe in. Unfortunately we live in a different time now, and since technology is forcing a rate of change 7x faster than ever before, working together is the only way we can hope to get ahead and stay ahead. If we don't, our competition will - and businesses finding themselves in today's digital economy can seal their fate simply by doing nothing. Gone are the days of doing it all on your own brute strength, work ethic and extreme commitment. If you want to build a real long-term success strategy, come alongside others who have given up their pride for the betterment of their business. We can do it if we all join forces and work together.

Technology designed for Growth

Your platform will be custom built on our PoP for your business needs, designed to maximize your business revenue, profitability and profit, while giving you the best chance at building long-term success!

Built for Speed and Scale

Because we are a Software as a Service we can deliver quickly and scale efficiently on proven technology, saving you time and money. We do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on your business.

Designed to Drive and create revenue

New revenue streams can be created to align with your core objectives, providing your business with an SaaS hybrid model which will not only help your revenue, but allow for up to 5X your standard valuation on exit!

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core features

Platform or platforms

Video Hosting for business 

Our fully optimized video hosting platform is designed with the search engines in mind to help deliver new clients and engagements from video, search and image search on all major search engines adding tons of authority and reach.

Custom Business Dashboards

Our back office suite is fully customizable and can be modified to fit virtually every business and sales configuration. Including CRM,Review Management,Content Creation,Lead Distribution,Point of sale, communications and more..

user Generated Content

All of our platforms leverage user generated content to help with the large demand of content needed to build and keep a platform successful. Built for speed and long term success we leverage best in class technology with many proprietary technology to deliver a competitive advantage.

paas  Platform as a Service

What types of business development helps are available for quick deployment, to help my business get on the right track? 


basic operations for sales teams are covered.Our core SaaS includes a built in CRM to ensure


We offer very quick turn arround to get you SaaS started.


Full Marketing Support from our team of experts to make the most out of your new business opportunity, leveraging your expertise and our technology to disrupt entire marketss.


FOr the right opportunity we may invest into your busiiness to leverage large upside potential based on opportunity.


We have several stand alone PaaS start-ups using our brand to build entire businesses around to the tune of 170 leads a day and hundreds of thousands in first year revenues.

Ready for more PaaS information?

Typically your customized SaaS business on our PoP can be live in 10 business days. Customization may require more time, but most businesses can leverage their success and expertise against a Software as a Service integration, and start creating new business opportunities in a few days. Many have created new revenue streams never thought possible in  30 days.

We all know the SaaS businesses are in high demand fetching record mulitiples of 10-20 times, verses a traditional business my be lucky to get 2-3X. A hybrid SaaS could see often times 3-5 times better exit nulitiples over the traditional valuation pre-SaaS.

Many companies use our platform to creat leads and sales, at the same time use our Paas Saas to sell or resell to create value-add for partners or build a Saas revenue stream based on a local membership model. The sky is the limit with our custom developement team. Leveraging our siimpler brand is also another way to drive additional revenue.

Our team has business developers, programmers, marketers, c-level and software experts. We will come beside you to ensure success every step of the way.